Brilliant Parody Mashes Independence Day With the Star Wars Trench Run From A New Hope

The PistolShrimps on YouTube have brought us a fantastic sci-fi movie mashup parody today that involves Independence Day and Star Wars: A New Hope. They took footage of Steven Hiller and David Levinson from their attack on the alien mothership in Independence Day and recut it into the iconic trench run finale from A New Hope.

It may sound like a match made in hell, but it’s actually very well done and works as well as a mashup video of two pop culture franchises can. Let’s just say that if you showed it to someone who had no clue about either movie they’d definitely think they’re watching a real deal movie and not some YouTube edit.

I love this sort of creativity, because it takes thought to even cook up the bit. I mean who is sitting around thinking that footage from a movie about and alien invasion would work well in a movie about space wizards and mobile death planets? It’s ingenious really, and works quite well, so head on up above to check it out.


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