Buddha-cast: Ep. 51 – “Current State of Game Development: Day 1 DLC and Campaign-less Games”

In the latest Buddhacast Matt and Keith focus on two current trends in video game development: Day 1 DLC/Season Passes and AAA titles dropping single-player campaigns. DLC isn’t always a bad thing, but these days Season Passes can cost almost as much as the full game for lackluster content, so early adopters must be cautious. Cosmetic DLC is also becoming a permanent fixture in games, especially in the form of day one DLC.

Games without campaigns on the other hand aren’t as many as games with shady DLC, but the likes of Titanfall, Evolve, and the yet-to-be-released Star Wars: Battlefront may be an indication that AAA multiplayer heavy titles will drop campaigns, but still charge $60 for the experience. Some gamers may be down with this model, especially if multiplayer is your bread and butter, but others, like myself, find the trend troubling and may end up not buying these types of titles in the future.

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