Buddha-Cast Ep. 58: Buddha-Tube Special – SDCC 15 Retrospective

In honor of the wrapped up San Diego Comic Con, Justin, Ana, and yours truly gathered to discuss the big trailers that came out of the yearly event. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Deadpool, and Suicide Squad all topped the bill, and we discuss our favorites and some we’re not so excited about.

We also touch base on some of the worst comic book movies (including one that was never officially released), new films in the Star Wars lineup, the Hunger Games finale, and some Game of Thrones talk, because that’s become a year-long discussion. We also express our distaste towards the Pixels film, because know what knows what Adam Sandler is doing.

You can download the podcast on iTunes, listen to it below, or if you enjoy watching lines dance you can view/listen to it on YouTube (above).


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