Buddha-cast: Ep. 96 – “Breaking Down Theories on Rey’s True Heritage”

Nick and I finally got back on the Star Wars-centric podcast bandwagon after already blowing our intended bi-weekly rollout of said podcasts, but life happens and such, so at least we got one recorded and ready for your ears.

In this episode our focus is on Rey’s heritage and some of the theories that have popped up related to it. We start with the most ridiculous and then work our way up to the most plausible scenarios for Rey’s lineage. The theories we tackled are:

  • Rey is Anakin Reincarnated/Rey is the Chosen One Reincarnated
  • Rey is a Kenobi
  • Rey is a Skywalker
  • Rey is a Solo

Clearly the first theory is the most ridiculous, and it sounds like it came from George Lucas, so let’s hope it’s a load of BS. Now the other three theories all have some weight behind them. We feel that the Kenobi theory is the biggest stretch, but possible thanks to The Clone Wars, which did hint at Obi-Wan having a love interest. The Skywalker theory sounds too easy, but it’s definitely viable, while the Solo theory is also legit. Nick actually makes a great case for the Solo theory and why Han and Leia didn’t react to Rey as her being their daughter, so he may be on to something as I told him during the cast.

Head on up above to listen via YouTube, or down below to use the media player. You can also subscribe and listen in iTunes or Google Play using the links below. Apologies for the shitty sound this time around, I had to use a headset with a crappy mic.


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