Buddha-Cast Episode No. 60: Buddha-Tube Special – Wet Hot True Detective

Throughout the last eight weeks or so, EB’s Ray Porreca and I have spent copious amounts of work time discussing the most recent episode of the second season of HBO’s True Detective. We hear what other people are saying, that it’s too confusing, there’s no focus, Colin Farrell is too handsome. We get it. So we took to recording this podcast after the season finale to discuss our overall impressions now that the show has reached it’s destination, be that destination a desert of the mind, a Redwood forest, or a Venezuelan block party.

Along with the True Detective discussion is our thoughts on Netflix’s revisit to Camp Firewood with Wet Hot American Summer, a look at some fall shows worth checking out, and a couple video game mentions that completely revolve around Rocket League.

You can download the podcast on iTunes or listen to it below.


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