Week five proved to be a good week for Justin, who went 10-5 in his picks while yours truly was a steady 8-7. Even with those confident numbers, we lost out to Microsoft’s Cortana AND Nate Silver’s ELO method, both going 13-2. I blame our human brains and over-rationalizing every detail that we can’t put into a statistic. It’s all about the numbers, folks!

We discuss week five’s fantasy Thrillers and Chillers, the possible impact of Fozzy Whitaker (which became a discussion on how much we like saying his name), and trying to figure out if the Patriots and Packers are “back”. At one point Justin loses his mind and claims Dallas could win outright in Seattle. Seriously, it’s in the podcast, I promise. We also express excitement in Teddy Bridgewater’s return, and wonder who is going to start at QB for the Jets this week. What a season!

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