Build The Ultimate Weapon in ‘HYPERGUN’

Roguelite games have some of the most interesting design choices in all of gaming. From fighting off creatures in your demon Mom’s basement to fending off wave after wave of necromantic evil, these games always have a unique setting. NVYVE Studios just kicked the door down with their roguelite title, HYPERGUN. HYPERGUN takes place into the future where the player must fend off against an alien threat. Your weapon of choice is a procedurally generated gun, known as the HYPERGUN. You can earn 150+ weapon attachments to build the ultimate weapon and defeat the alien horde. Check out the trailer for the game above!


” NVYVE Studios, the indie developer that brought players the utopian survival horror hit, P.A.M.E.L.A. are dropping another bomb with the over-the-top roguelite shooter, HYPERGUN. A blistering paced glance into the not-so-distant future featuring procedurally generated levels, the most questionably effective weapon humanity has ever seen, and Earth’s most heroic intern alive, Dewey Owens.

The year is 2038. A highly advanced alien race has occupied planet Earth and the human race is at its breaking point. The fate of our species now depends on DevTech Labs’ top-secret HYPERGUN program: a highly advanced simulation that is designed to create the ultimate weapon to combat the alien oppressors by combining weapon components across countless simulations. What do you need when the fate of our very existence hangs by a thread? DevTech Labs’ fearless intern, Dewey Owens, of course! Sneaking into the DevTech facility over the weekend (even at the end of the world, we still need weekends!), Dewey steps into the simulator fighting through waves of alien interlopers as he meticulously builds the HYPERGUN.

Is he trying to prove himself to Roger, the hard-nosed CEO, or is he up to something nefarious? We may never know, but he just might save the world along the way. Key Features Create the HYPERGUN – With over 150 weapon modules to collect, no two runs in the simulation will be the same. Each module you pick up will change your weapon in exciting and often questionable ways, all in the name of determining the ultimate weapon to defeat our alien oppressors. Procedural Levels – Fight through increasingly difficult simulated arenas which are randomly generated with each playthrough.

Alien Hordes – Take on a host of (simulated) vicious alien invaders, recreated in immaculate detail. Badass Bosses – Throw down against epically powerful bosses at the end of each level to put your skills and weapon to the test. Unlockable Classes and Abilities – Unlock your co-worker’s simulation profiles gaining access to a selection of more than 40 unique abilities giving you the upper hand in alien-destroying combat. Office Politics – Explore the DevTech offices as the intern Dewey Owens, who’s somehow managed to sneak in over the weekend. Even at the end of the world, there’s time to track down passive aggressive post-it notes from coworkers!  “

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