Bullet Run Headed to a PC Near You: Checkout Two New Map Fly-bys

Sony Online Entertainment has released two new videos in anticipation of their upcoming launch of Bullet Run, which is a free-to-play FPS on the PC platform.  Bullet Run was first debuted at E3 and has been getting praise ever since.  Be sure to check out the full press release below, including the two fly-through videos.  You’ve been wanting to get your hands on this FPS, especially since it is FREE…

Bullet Run FPS Map Reveals

In order to get players ready for the upcoming launch of their action-packed free-to-play FPS, Bullet Run, Sony Online Entertainment has today released two flythrough videos featuring insight from Mark Mussler, Lead Designer at developer ACONY Studios. Get an inside look into two battle zone areas in the game, Shanty and Oilrig, as Mussler details each level’s advantages and ideal fighting circumstances.

About Bullet Run
Bullet Run is a team-based multiplayer game that puts players in the ultimate reality TV game show, where contestants showcase their deadly talents in the name of fame. First shown at E3 earlier this month, Bullet Run was praised for its tight controls, quick respawns and massive amount of options. Fit for gamers with any level of FPS knowledge and dubbed “absurd fun”, Bullet Run is sure to be one of the summer’s most entertaining titles.

Free to Play Bullet Run ‘Oil Rig” Map Fly Through Trailer

Free to Play Bullet Run ‘Shanty’ Map Fly Through Trailer

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