Bulletstorm Demo Impressions on the Xbox 360 – F*ck Ya Free Unlocks!

I just wrapped up my first run through of the Bulletstorm demo on the Xbox 360, which is available now (you have to dig for it in the Marketplace), and I must say it has met my expectations.  You may call me an EPIC games fanboy, but I think it’s justified.  I really haven’t played an EPIC game or a game that they have a hand in and didn’t like it.  Yeah, Gears of War 2 had some serious MP issues at launch, but for the most part anything that EPIC touches is bloody gold!  Bring it haters!

The Bulletstorm demo allows you to play through ECHO mode, which is basically a timed romp where you try to kill as many goons as possible in the most creative ways.  At the end you’ll be given a score and a rating, which you can then compare with your friends and the World via the leaderboards.  When you first launch the demo Grayson (Main Dude) takes you through a video tutorial, and then drops you into the action.  Wow, the action really is non-stop and frantic!  Plus, the allure of a higher score forces you to not just plow through the level wasting fools, rather it makes you think about the next great way to blow some dude’s balls off.

The controls are very intuitive especially if you’ve played an EPIC style of game before.  I like the GOWish roadie run mechanic, which can also be used as a power slide move.  The actual gun controls are very similar to any other shooter you’ve played before, except for the addition of the leash which is controlled with the LB button.  The leash will definitely take some getting used to in regards how to best use it to score the most points.  I could never tell if I was flinging a baddie up in the air, or pulling him towards me.  Regardless, I still racked up over 5,000 points on my first run through.

The look of the game is on par with anything that has come out recently for the Xbox 360.  The Unreal Engine shines as always, and the frame rate doesn’t skip a beat.  The on-screen action is full of cartoonish blood and body parts, which is always a big plus in my disturbed mind.  I love games that are very frenetic and action packed with all kinds of beeps, bloops, and colorful messages littering the screen.  Bulletstorm has that arcade feel to it that should keep gamers coming back for more.

Overall, I’m very impressed with what the demo has to offer.  Plus, if you complete it you get some free unlocks to use once you buy the full game.  I got a special leash color, some PMC thing, a character skin, and a boot skin.  You can’t beat scoring free sh*t for playing a demo!  Kudos to People Can Fly and EPIC for that move!  How can people hate on these devs?  I highly urge you grab the demo if you’re still on the fence about this game.  I really think it has potential to be one of the better early releases of 2011.  Don’t forget to pre-order it now! You’ve been wanting to pucker your butthole with some Bulletstorm combos…

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