Bulletstorm on Very Hard Is Not, But Controllers Were Still Smashed

I completed my Very Hard playthrough of Bulletstorm yesterday (strategy and tips quick list after the break), and outside of a few cheap sections it’s not really that challenging.  The hardest section is by far the train level, namely the part where you have to magically avoid massive amounts of fire by doing some sort of crazy squatting and shaking routine; that is reminiscent of the Russian dance where they kick their legs out in a squatting position yelling “Hey!”.  I’m sure you’ve seen some drunk relative doing it at a wedding, so you should know what I’m talking about.  Luckily for you I’ve already written a strategy for getting past that part, because it will induce some form of controller rage if you’re not too careful.

Really outside of that part and the fact that checkpoint reloads take far too long, the only other part that was a little rough on my nerves was the Chopper section where you have to battle the Rancor-like monster while you provide covering fire for Ishi’s angry a*s on the ground.  In my opinion this section has some garbage checkpoint locations, which require you to replay long sections of this battle if you don’t beat it on your first go.  I’m talking anywhere from 5-10 minutes of lost progress if you happen to get shot down, which will happen because aiming on that thing is like holding a Gatling gun in one hand and a jack hammer in another.  Plus, Trishka pilots it like she just sucked down a bunch of shots from that creepy guy in the bar trying to get in her pants.

Even with the Very Hard setting not truly being that challenging I did find myself getting very worked up over the two problem areas above.  In fact, I’ve added yet another controller to my pile of semi-broken game controllers courtesy of Bulletstorm on Very Hard.  At this point I now have over $250 in damaged Xbox 360 controllers due to the intensity that I game with, or more likely, my lack of self-control when it comes to anger and videogames.  And yes, I do feel like a complete loser every time I smash one and look at its broken innards sprawled across my floor.  And no, they don’t feel the same after I duct tape them back together!

I hate to predict my own demise, but I’m pretty sure that all of the years I’ve spent playing games on their hardest setting has guaranteed me at least one heart attack, and possibly a face crippling stroke later in life.  These f*cking things will kill me, yet I can’t get enough of the challenges that playing on the most difficult setting present.  It’s like a tub-of-lard that can’t stop eating even though they know that extra 20 piece nugget with fries is bad for their health.

I’m stuck in a vicious circle of risk versus reward where sadly the reward is some gamer score that no one gives two sh*ts about in real life.  If you’re like me and push your body to limits never thought possible while playing a videogame, I applaud your insanity!  Please feel free to add your own horror stories while playing Bulletstorm on Very Hard, or any game on its hardest difficulty in the comment section below.  It makes me feel like less of a lunatic when I know other people smash controllers and spit on their TV’s while facing a particularly hard, or cheap challenge in a game.  I guess it’s a better problem to have than AIDS.  Check my strategy quick list for Bulletstorm on Very Hard below.  You’ve been comforted knowing you’re not the only one who violently bites their controllers while gaming…

Bulletstorm Very Hard Playthrough Tips and Strategies

  • The bullet slide is crucial to staying alive in tight spots.  Always make sure to slide around when you get hurt so you can restore your health.  Plus, you can reload while sliding, so it makes for a great way to stay healthy and get ready for your next attack all at the same time.
  • Whip, Whip, and Whip some more!  Don’t forget to utilize the leash while staying in cover.  Most of the time you can actually whip enemies through your cover, so you can stay out of harms way while slowly picking off the bad guys from a safe distance.
  • Don’t f*ck around with getting too fancy.  It can be done, but you’re better off on going for the skill shot achievements while playing on easy.  If you get too cute killing with skill on Very Hard you will die!  I hate to say it, but at times you should just play this game like the other ‘boring’ shooters it makes fun of.
  • Spend Skill Points wisely.  Again, you’ll have limited points to spend at each drop kit because more often than not you’ll be running and gunning through a few sections.  Don’t worry about maxing out each weapon.  Just save points to spend on ammo, and most importantly THUMPERS!
  • Thump it up! You should always have at least one thumper in your inventory.  These guys are great for taking out large groups of enemies quickly, and you’ll get a decent amount of skill points in the process to spend on more ammo and thumpers.
  • The PMC is your friend.  Bulletstorms assault rifle is pretty boring in itself, but it’s a life saver when playing on Very Hard.  It works well in close combat when you pair it with the leash, and it’s also useful for long distance killing.  Enemies also tend to drop ammo for it, so it’s a weapon that doesn’t require too much expense.
  • Flail Gun Mini-Bosses.  These fat f*cks are a pain in the a*s on Very Hard.  At least the cannon ball gun guys are.  I found the best weapon for taking these guys down to be the Flail Gun.  Typically, 2-4 detonations should take these human tanks out, and if you’re lucky some of the other creeps will get hit by the shrapnel.
  • Leash Gyro-copters.  These things are a royal pain in the a*s on Very Hard.  The quickest and most efficient way to take them out is to use your leash.  Just make sure not to f*ck up the button sequence, or you’ll be doing yourself a disservice.  It just seems like these things are very cheap when you play on Very Hard, and Grayson aims like the deshevled drunk that he is, which makes it hard to shoot these things down.
  • Save Charged Shots for Mini-Bosses.  There’s nothing like taking out a pair of Tweetle-Dee and Tweetle-Dum look-a-likes by blasting them with a charged shotgun blast.  Don’t waste your charge shots on regular enemies unless you know you’re going to take out a large group of them.


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