Bulletstorm Train Level on Very Hard: Tips and Strategy

I started up my Very Hard play through on Bulletstorm yesterday, and for the most part it’s not that difficult.  Although, there’s one scene early on that will make you want to punch a baby.  I’m referring to the train section during Act 1 Chapter 2.  It’s a complete pain in the a*s, and in my opinion it’s a cheap section that requires more luck than skill.  I hate when devs do this crap because it doesn’t test your skills as a competent gamer, rather it becomes a test of your nerves and patience for bullsh*t.  Let’s just say I may have added another controller to my gaming peripheral graveyard.  Anyway, I’d like to list some of the tips and strategies I used to beat the train section on very hard in Bulletstorm.

Just to be clear, there are 4 stages to the train section.  The first, third, and fourth sections should be no issue as long as you can aim a Gatling gun, but the second section is a c*nt!  The second section begins once the first enemy rail car comes up behind the one you and Ishi are in.  You’ll have to eliminate the enemies and contend with a sh*t load of gyro-copters.  All of the below tips and strategies only refer to the second section of the Bulletstorm train level on Very Hard.

Tips and Srategies

The key to beating the second section of the Bulletstorm train level is setting up the checkpoint during the first section of this battle when you’re blowing away those SUV like tanks.  Try to position yourself on the right hand side of the screen towards the back end of the train before you blast the last tank deal.  This way you’ll be in the best spot possible to tackle the second section where you have to fend off all of those damn copters.  Trust me, you will die a lot, so having a good place to restart is key, because after the 10th death you’ll want to spit on the TV and smash the Bulletstorm disc, which only gets compounded if you have to quickly run to the desired starting point each time you die.

Once the enemy rail car comes into view immediately start strafing it focusing on the barrels on the left to get rid of the mini-boss ASAP.  From there focus your fire on the right side of the enemy’s car to get rid of the rest of the ground forces.  Once they are gone you will get to experience the true difficulty of this section in the f*cking gyro-copters.  This is where your luck needs to outweigh your skill, because you will get doused in bullets and there’s nowhere to hide completely.  Like I mentioned earlier, if you managed to get the checkpoint on the right back side of the train car, you should be in the best position possible to avoid most of the copter fire.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee success either because you still need to the luck of the Irish to not get killed by the copter fire.  I found the best place for success to be in the front of your car (the part that your character’s back is facing when you’re shooting at the enemies), on the left hand side (if you’re facing away from the enemies) behind some protruding metal from the trains engines.  I found if I could get here with minimal damage I had a chance to survive the copter attacks.

Again, there’s a lot of luck involved even if you can make it to the desired position.  You have to almost keep ducking and moving left and right behind this sliver of coverage with your fingers crossed; all while trying to take out the copters to cease the pain.

I found that if I just stayed crouched behind the engine block shooting underneath it while using my whip on the copters, I was able to make some head way.  You will still take tons of damage, so this is where you’ll need luck to come in, because sometimes that engine cover blocks fire and sometimes it doesn’t.  While doing your crouch dance make sure to use your whip on the copters as much as possible (don’t f*ck up the button sequence though).  It’ll pass through cover so you can stay behind the engine piece while crouched and still doling out punishment.  Luckily, this is a timed sequence, so if you can hide out and manage to not take enough damage to kill you then you may just make it to the third section of the train battle.

Hopefully, this will help you out because I couldn’t find any solid tips on the Net while going through it myself yesterday.  I don’t have any screen shots, but I’ll list some quick bullet points to follow for this section below.  Once you get passed this section of the battle the rest of the train fight isn’t hard at all.  Good luck, and don’t go punching your nearest relative over it.  You will get frustrated!  You’ve always said that you hate these types of challenges…

Bulletstorm Train Level Section Two Strategy Round-up

  1. Facing the enemies make sure to be on the left hand side of your train towards the back before you beat the first section
  2. Once the train car approaches you focus on taking out the mini-boss quickly and use the barrels to eliminate the other bad guys
  3. Immediately after they’re dead position yourself in a crouched position behind the engine block on the left side of the train if your facing the engine itself (right side if your facing the enemies)
  4. Perform a crouched dance behind the slim cover while using your whip to take out as many copters as possible
  5. Make sure to use your gun on those copters that creep too far up the side of the train
  6. Hope that luck is on your side!

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