Destiny developer Bungie has had quite an interesting week. From questionable partnerships with energy drinks, to an unfortunately uncomfortable interview with Eurogamer, Bungie and its upcoming Destiny expansion The Taken King, have been in the public’s eye post-E3 for all of the wrong reasons.

Today, however, it seems that Bungie has taken the first steps to changing some of the issues that fans have raised about the “interesting” pricing structure of Destiny’s upcoming expansion. In a post on Bungie’s official website, Luke Smith — of the aforementioned interview fame — shared some of the ways that the studio is planning to fix their past errors.

Smith’s information is much more in line with the needs and wants of the established Destiny community. For The Taken King, Bungie has restructured its pricing setup and removed some of the previously exclusivity of content. As Smith says in the post, “We do care. We are listening. And we will make it right.”

To get the whole scoop on Bungie’s changes to Destiny: The Taken King, check out the post here.


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