Bungie Gets Nostalgic by Allowing Marathon 1 on the iPad for Free

Bungie became famous with Master Chief and the Halo series, but their first game entitled Marathon is what lead them down the path of videogame greatness, and now you can play it for free on your iPad/iPad2.  Originally released in late 1994 for Apple Macs, Marathon 1 is a FPS that looks very similar to DOOM, but it adds a little more depth to its world than id’s smash hit.  I’ve never played it but do remember reading about it, and how ultimately it spawned some of the ideas for Bungie’s Halo series.  If I remember correctly Bungie even included Marathon-like terminal messages in Halo 3 as an ode to their most hardcore fans.

Yep, This is How They Used to Look!

Upon seeing the announcement that Marathon 1 was available as a free download on Apple’s App Store I quickly used my chubby digits to download it to my iPad 2.  Like I said I’ve never played it before, so I’m going into this nostalgic romp through gaming history with an open mind.  Graphically, it shows its age, but for an in-app purchase of $3.99 you can upgrade those ghetto visuals to HD.  So far I’ve passed on this offer, because even though the game looks like it’s from 94′ it still plays well, so I’m fine not having HD textures and visuals.

Marathon Uses Terminals to Flesh Out the Story

I only spent a brief amount of time with the game, but in that time I found Marathon 1 to be semi-addicting, and interesting enough that I want to eventually play through the entire game (well that’s if I can wade through the 60+ titles I’ve already downloaded due to holiday weekend impulse buys, D’oh).  If anything, this game proves that Bungie is one of the most down to Earth, rock solid developers out there.  The iPad version isn’t exactly their doing, but they allowed its creators to go forward with placing the app on the App Store without any nasty cease and desist orders in the process.  Kudos to them and their dedication to awesomeness.  If you’re interested in scoring Marathon 1 for your iPad head on over to this download link on your device, or through iTunes.  It’s free so what do you have to lose?  You’ve always been a big fan of Bungie and their mantra on making games…


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