Bungie Offers SUROS Arsenal Pack For Destiny: The Taken King Pre-Orders

GameStop just uploaded a video to their official YouTube account to promote a nifty pre-order bonus for Destiny: The Taken King: early access to the SUROS Arsenal Pack.

Early Access begins September 15th, 2015; if you’d like to read more about the availability of the deal, Bungie posted about it over here. If you’ve already got your copy pre-ordered, never fear – you guys get the perk, too. If pre-ordering the game isn’t an option, players can unlock the SUROS Arsenal Pack via gameplay starting on the first of the new year. PS4 owners get lucky with exclusive access to a co-op Strike mission, in addition to a few pieces of exclusive gear.

Check out the video above to see what you’re getting yourself into – it’s a good thing, don’t worry.


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