Destiny 2: Forsaken is, for lack of a better term, something that needs to revive the Destiny franchise. It needs to blow the lid off of everyone and continue to keep it blown off for months to come. We need to have a reason to believe in Bungie again, they need to feel like the Bungie that gave us Halo, dammit.

That was a group of people that felt like they came from down below and just exploded onto the scene. They proved that anyone could do anything, and when we get to see these ViDocs from them, I can see glimmers of those people in there. It’s fun hearing them sound excited for what they’re doing and what’s down the road. It’s hard to tell if this is still their idea or if Activision is putting the gun to their head and saying “ACT LIKE YOU DID BEFORE WITH THE OTHER SPACE GAME”. Check out the video above and let us know what your take is on it, and if you think Destiny will ever be the franchise it needs to be.

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