Bungie’s Community Manager “DeeJ” Talks High-Stakes, Community, and PS4 Exclusives

PlayStation 4 owners are getting a decent chunk of goodies thrown their way for Destiny 2. Not only will you get into the beta a little earlier (July 18th!), but you’ll be granted access to some wicked additions.

Lake of Shadows is an exclusive co-op strike in the European Dead Zone, and it joins the PvP map Retribution as two exclusive bits of content. Outside of that you’ll get exclusive gear for each class, and gain access to Borealis, an exotic sniper rifle that can flip through the three damage types (void, solar, and arc) at will. It all looks pretty bad ass.

Check out the exclusive content trailer for PS4 up above! If you’re just looking for some more details on Destiny 2, you’ll find a gameplay interview with Bungie’s Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague down below.

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