Byrne’s “After the Snap 3” Infinity War Fan Art Envisions What Captain Marvel Was Up To

Stephen Byrne

Comic book artist, Stephen Byrne‏, created a series of art pieces after Avengers: Infinity War debuted that he called “After the Snap” shots. They envisioned what prominent MCU characters were up to after Thanos’ infamous snap. We ran the one that showed what the characters on Wakanda were up to, but somehow we missed out on his Captain Marvel homage.

Considering today is Captain Marvel day thanks to EW dropping a series of official movie stills, our gaffe couldn’t have been timelier. You see, Byrne created a piece in his “After the Snap” series that details what Captain Marvel was doing when Thanos snapped his fingers. It shows her beating up a Krull, who then fades away into dust. At this point a pager goes off informing her that Nick Fury was trying to make contact. I mean this may not be how the event goes down in Avengers 4, or possibly during the post-credit scene of Captain Marvel, but it could be pretty damn close.

Check it out below to see what Captain Marvel was up to after Thanos’ snap.

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