Astro is widely know for making pretty darn quality products for gamers, and their C40 Tournament Ready controller looks no different. This baby looks beautiful and ready for some extremely intense gaming, between swappable modules, its own software for PC, and a sturdy build, it’s gorgeous.

I do wonder (and many people in the comments section on the video do as well) if this means that we’ll be getting an Xbox One controller as well. The fact that this one has the touch pad means it would have to be reworked a little bit for the console. I don’t imagine that we’ll get a Switch version since the only really competitive games on the console are Smash and Splatoon 2. I guess Fortnite as well, but that’s on everything so it doesn’t count, and I don’t think any pro Fortnite players are on Switch.

Check out the video above and tell us what your favorite part of the controller is!

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