California Proposing Digital License Plates for Mobile Advertising

In an attempt to dig themselves out of some serious debt, California and its lawmakers are considering using digital license plates that will double as mobile billboards.  While the car is in motion the plate will display the usual tags that we see on license plates today, but if the car stops for 4 seconds it will go into an ad.  I guess the driver can also program messages for the plate, which is guaranteed to lead to some awesome road rage moments.

Imagine programming your plate to display, “Hey numb-nuts!  Back the f*ck off, or I’ll slam on my breaks so fast your bound to die a gruesome highway death.”  Or, “Hey good looking honk if you’re horny, because I am!”  How about the timeless road rage fave, “I hope you crash and die!”

These license plates could become powerful tools of communication both for advertisers, and drivers that like to express themselves while on the road.  Programming your license plate message could become the next big thing.  It’d be like Twitter for your car.  Only in California!  You’ve been rear ended by someone reading a schlong enhancement ad on your license plate…
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