Call of Cthulhu Hand-Off Preview – Deep and Maddening

Call of Cthulhu is one of those games that resurfaces every year, people have made all kinds of fan games, and I have never known a thing about it. Now Focus Home is actually publishing a fully-fledged meaty, lovely looking  iteration of the story (that I now know is very famous and creepy). Something that immediately stood out to me (that comes from a very particular Gamecube game) is the fact that there’s a madness meter (even if it is invisible). The choices you make and the way that you explore the game will either make you go crazy faster or slower (you gonna go nuts either way, son). Depending on just HOW crazy you go, though, the ending of the game will be longer or shorter, so there’s great incentive to find the appropriate paths through the game.

The art style of the game is just slightly cartoony but in a somewhat gross way that I think adds to the game. One of the characters we got to see, a police officer, had a wicked ugly face with nasty facial scarring, he was kinda fat and just a real sight for sore eyes. I think it added something to the game, and certain rooms had glowing green lanterns within them (I think to denote which room you should go to next). The gloomy green glow was just creepy enough, and the flashbacks that you go into to investigate certain rooms are super well done. The voice acting that I got to see was also really good, and I think the fact that you get to spend basically the whole game investigating in one building is great. It really reminds me of Observer which was a fantastic game from yesterday-year that you SHOULD ALL PLAY NOW. Then, if you like that, wait for this game and PLAY THAT TOO.

I’d really love to review this game when it comes out, it’s a horror experience that I think I would really get something out of.

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