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Call of Cthulhu is, so far, one of my favorite horror games in recent years. It’s still not fully out yet, that’s coming October 30th, and I’m almost positive that it’s going to be one of the best horror games this year. To find out why I think this game is so damn good, you can check out a video preview below, which is also complimented by a written preview of the game’s current beta build.

Now, there are lots of things about this game that I love so far, but I don’t want to give away too much related to the story. It’s definitely a game that’s best to go into blind, and I don’t wanna start dropping spoilers left and right. My favorite part of the game, by far is the visual style of the game. While it’s not the most mind-blowing in terms of graphical quality, every character has their story written right on their face. Everything is so eerie and yet melancholy at the same time, like the entire world is wrapped in a sickly blue-green blanket. I just absolutely love it so much. The sound design, so far at least, is also pretty damn good, especially when you’re wearing a headset, which I highly recommend. The voices that you start to hear in your head as the game progresses get really insidious and creepy, it really sounds like they’re right there.

Something else about this game that I love is the progression and gameplay loop, because I thought this game was going to be like The Evil Within. It’s like that if you replace all of the guns and combat with talking and trying to understand/persuade people to tell you things or do things. At first it seems like every skill will be really important and that the game will be radically different depending on what skills you choose to specialize in. Different skills allow you to get more speech options out of different people, basically, or help you discover things in the environment more easily. There’s also a strength skill that’s pretty straightforward, it helps you do physical things much more easily, but those things can typically done even without putting points into it. It feels like the system could be fleshed out more and used better, but then again, like I said, I didn’t play the full game, because it’s not out yet. Things could very easily change by the time it comes out.

I’ve never experienced any other media relating the Cthulhu, I’ve never read anything, never played any other games, and yet I’m totally hooked now. It’s almost like some kind of weird, alternate version of the X-Files because there’s so many different things going on. There’s a town full of people going crazy, cultists, ancient gods, and all kinds of crazy stuff. You get to recreate all different kinds of scenarios by unearthing clues at crime scenes, which show you shadowy figures of the people that were involved. It doesn’t show you every little bit of what went on, but you fill in the gaps yourself, and monologue to yourself a little bit. It definitely helps sometimes because some of the scenes are pretty chaotic, and it helps having that tiny bit of help trying to piece together what happened. It definitely behooves you to fully search every area that you go through because it will only help you, not hurt you.

The one thing that I wasn’t totally sure of though, was how the sanity system worked in the game. It didn’t seem all that fluid, it seemed to fork three different ways, where there was only one viable  option if you want the story to continue. It feels like you just really have to investigate the absolute shit out of everything if you really want to get the “true” ending, whatever that is. It’s not that I dislike it, I’m just still not completely sure how it works, but once the full game is out, I like to think that it will make sense. This game is definitely worth your time and money as it is, and once the full monty releases, I will be very excited to talk more about it!

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