Call of Duty: Black Ops Change of Heart?

Never will I concede to being wrong, but I may go back on my word occasionally when it comes to critiquing games.  I was a little harsh on Call of Duty: Black Ops with my first impressions review a few days ago.  I think most of that initial hate came from the fact that I was so frustrated with playing the game on the Veteran difficulty setting.  I stand firm in my opinion that some of the programming is suspect, namely the invisible line that dictates enemy spawns and friendly AI cooperation.  But now that I’ve had more time with it, and made it past some of the game’s super-cheap sections, I’m finding it to be almost enjoyable?

As I stated in my initial review I think that COD: Black Ops is a visual and auditory juggernaut.  Hands down some of the best graphics and sound on the market, which definitely add to the game’s experience.  Outside of a few totally unfair sections of gameplay, I am enjoying the act of playing the game now, which I wasn’t when I first penned my critiques.  Treyarch has definitely crafted an interesting story if you can follow it, which I definitely cannot because I missed the first few acts out of the blind rage I was feeling towards this game.  I really think if I go through it on easy I’ll be able to immerse myself in the tale a bit more.  Once again, I’ve managed to make a great game a chore versus a piece of entertainment.  I blame this on cheves, which are both the greatest and worst thing to happen to me in gaming, but that’s a story for another day.

I still have yet to beat the game, but I hope to do that today, so I can put another painful COD Veteran play through behind me and get to enjoying the game for being a game.  I do feel like this game deserves some sort of a second chance in my eyes now that I’ve made it past some of the obvious choke points that would bend any gamer out of shape.  These particular points will no doubt test your patience with COD: Black Ops when playing it on Veteran.

Be warned of the missions Executive Order and SOG(Use this link for a tip on Executive Order and this link for a great vid on what to do in the SOG bottleneck).  Both of these have a section within the level that will cause you to lose your sanity.  Save yourself some time and look up these levels on YouTube(Good channel for this crap).  There’s nothing wrong with getting a little direction, because that’s exactly what is needed.

Like I said in my last COD: Black Ops post it’s not really the challenge that will beat you, but the frustrating parts where you don’t really know what to do to stop enemies from constantly spawning.  Once you find the paths that you need to take this game’s bite is lessened substantially.  So was I wrong with my first impressions?  Not totally.  COD: Black Ops definitely is more of the same when it comes to the COD franchise.  It has some parts in the campaign that will make you curse Treyarch as if they just violated you in a place that no man ever wants to be violated.  With that being said, Call of Duty: Black Ops is still a good game with what could be the highest production value ever put forth in a game on these next-gen consoles.  I’m not in love with it fanboy style, but I’ve definitely changed my tune.  You’ve been flip flopped on…
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