Call of Duty: Black Ops Wager MP Matches

Treyarch has added an interesting multiplayer match type called wager to its online component.  Basically, there are 4 types of wager matches that have different starting loadouts and criteria.  Before each match everyone wages their COD cash (earned in MP) on who will place in the top 3.  If you win you get the cash and if you lose, well you lose dummy!  This is a great way to put a new spin on FPS MP, because sometimes the regular matches just get monotonous.  I love that wager matches will allow you to put your mouth where your money is.  I can’t wait to try and take some chumps COD money because he thinks he’s the whoop.  Below you can watch a video of this new MP match type, and if you want more details follow the Via link.  You’ve been gambling on your gaming skills…


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Via [Joystiq]


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