Call of Duty Elite Subscription Service Announced, Gamers Getting Fleeced!

Oh how Activision loves to r*pe their loyal gamers!  In a move that borders on out right greed, Activision will be launching a subscription based service named Call of Duty Elite, which for a fee will allow paying gamers to get access to extra content that doesn’t ship on the game’s disc.  This attempt to squeeze every penny out of the COD franchise will be put into place when Modern Warfare 3 ships this fall.  At this time there aren’t many details about the COD: Elite program, but Activision CEO, Bobby “The D*ck” Kotick, has said that he envisions the service as something similar to Netflix in where gamers may have to pay around $8 a month to get access to Elite’s features.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to pay $8 bucks a month for a game that I already shelled at $60 duckets for, it better give me a reach around on top of some great features every month.  Of course parts of MW3’s MP system will still be free (Facebook “Like” functionality to play with people of similar interests), but will the inclusion of COD: Elite polarize fans of the series to the point where they’ll strike back at Activision with their wallets?  I can only hope so, because if this fleecing project takes off and shows profit potential, it’ll only be a matter of time before other publishers jump on the gamer r*ping bandwagon.

What could Activision have in place that would require additional monies each month to run?  Some information points to a more well managed community, but the examples given reminded me of what Bungie already does for free when it comes to their Halo communities hosted on their own website.  Who would be willing to pay for extensive stat tracking when it’s already being done for free on other popular games?  Why do we have to pay a monthly fee for DLC when we could just buy the content that we want on our own dime?  COD fanboys are more than willing to cough up a ridiculous amounts of money for Map Packs anyway, so why does Activision feel the need to grab even more cash?

Stats Like This Are Free for Games Like Halo: Reach!

All I can say is that this whole project stinks!  I’ve slowly become less in love with COD over the past few years, and this new Elite program will definitely not help to win my support back.  This is just plain bad for gamers in general.  I get the whole online pass deal, which is springing up in most retail games now to help fight profit loss from the rental and used markets, but a subscription based service for a game’s multiplayer component?  That’s taking the whole greed factor to a whole new level for me, and I for one will never buy into Activision’s scheme.  I can only hope that my gaming brethren feel the same way.

Don’t Make This Guy Anymore Money! Boycott COD: Elite!

Unless COD: Elite offers up some out of this world features like digital hand jobs, or real life guns being shipped to your home, there’s no reason to make FPS gamers pay a monthly fee just to get the full online experience of your title.  Please, let Activision know your disgust this Fall by not making Modern Warfare 3 a monumental retail success.  Spend your hard earned cash on a little game called Gears of War 3 instead.  You’ve been thinking that Activision truly could be the most evil videogame company of all-time…

Call of Duty Elite Explained

(At least the video is semi-entertaining, but all of this is free in another mega franchise that starts with a “H”)



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