The mobile game, Call of Duty: Heroes has reached two pretty huge milestones. Not only has the game reached it’s three year anniversary, but it has also reached 45 million downloads! This new update is based entirely on Call of Duty: WWII. The 4.4 update brings in the heroic, Ronald “Red” Daniels to the game as it’s newest hero. Daniels brings with him a new set of devastating kill streaks like Artillery Barrage, Molotov Cocktail and Fighter Pilot. The new update also adds a new aerial unit in the form of the P-47 Thunderbolt. This new plane will allow you to fly over enemy walls and directly attack their defenses. There will also be a new WWII base theme, beachfront and will take players to the beaches of Normandy. To celebrate, anyone who logs in during this time will receive a one-time gift of Celerium, Medals, Skill Points and Prestige Tokens.

Call of Duty: Heroes can be downloaded across all mobile devices to include Android, iOS, Amazon and Windows platforms!

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