Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) Review – Reboot Done Right

The second coming of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is upon us, and while the multiplayer may still be a meat grinder for competitive multiplayer schmoes like myself, the campaign is top-notch, and offers the best narrative to-date for the franchise. That coupled with the game’s amazing looking visuals and ear busting sound, make it a rather enjoyable gameplay experience.

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Hey now fans of rebooted, awesome Call of Duty entries, Matt Heywood here to review Call of Duty: Modern Warfare the Second Coming, or you know, the 2019 version of the 2007 hit. 

The rebooted Modern Warfare is yet another thrilling COD experience, mostly thanks to its heart pounding campaign, which just may be the best the franchise has ever offered. It’s at least the most focused in terms of presenting a narrative that isn’t just all about preventing a World War, which is thanks to the inclusion of Farah and Hadir, two protagonist characters your teams must work with while helping out in a  proxy war between Urzikstan and Russia. 

These two characters help bring some perspective to what it’s like for Middle Easterners living in war zones where foreign invaders are deciding their futures. It added a level of humanity to a COD campaign that usually gets lost against the backdrops of Michael Bay-like action sequences, so you feel like you have more to fight for than ever before. 

I also really appreciated how the reboot allowed the game’s writers to retell a bit of Captain Price’s story, and this campaign leaves some great seeds for future Modern Warfare titles, while also essentially turning this entry into a prequel for the 2007 version of COD: Modern Warfare. Let’s just say that the ending teases the return of a few franchise favorites, so this whole reboot idea definitely will make more sense narratively after you finish this game’s 6+ hour campaign, which can take much longer depending on the difficulty setting you opt for. 

While the story is better than ever, the missions for the most part feel standard for a COD campaign, but that’s not a bad thing at all. One of my favorite events each year is playing a new COD campaign, so while the missions still entail sieges, room clearing, and a chase or two, the overall campaign gameplay keeps you fully engaged throughout. It may even be a bit toned down in terms of Bayhem moments, but it still offers more than a few shock and awe moments, some of which will make you feel uncomfortable at the horrors of war. 

I must say that visually and audibly, this is a technical gem. This game looks and sounds brilliant on a Xbox One X hooked up to a 4K screen with a Dolby Atmos home theater system. I mean it is a thing of beauty, and outside of some dropped frame rates here are there during intense encounters, the game looks flawless. 

It may sound even better if you have a surround sound system, so this is a game that should definitely be played with the volume up and your speakers blaring!

Of course the new Modern Warfare comes with multiplayer and co-op modes, but quite frankly, they felt like more of the same meat grinder I’ve avoided for the past 10 years, so after spending a couple hours getting owned in multiplayer, I opted to stick to co-op and the campaign. 

This is a me problem because I just plain suck at online multiplayer anymore, but if you’re good at not getting shot every 2 seconds post respawn, you’ll more than likely dig the familiar feeling multiplayer of the new Modern Warfare. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 is a visual and audible gem, that also happens to have the best COD campaign to date, so while the multiplayer frustrates those of us who suck on online gaming, the overall package is still a solid 2019 offering. 

For the campaign, visuals, and sound design alone it’s an 8.5 out of 10 type of game, so if you plan on diving into the multi, it’s a no brainer pickup.

Thanks for watching, I’m Matt Heywood signing off for Entertainment Buddha, where we make you a better geek, one post at a time. 

Review Summary

Story - 9
Gameplay - 7.5
Graphics - 9
Sound - 9.5
Entertainment Value - 7.5



This Modern Warfare is what I like to call a solid reboot. Thanks to its stellar campaign and epilogue, it appears as if COD will be returning to its glory years, at least campaign wise, by bringing back some franchise favorites.

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