Can Turkeys Fly? Rednecks Find Out by Dropping One Out of a Plane!

Want to know if turkeys can fly?  Well this small town must have, because they decided to get together and test this theory by dropping one out of a freaking prop plane!  Is life really that boring?  I guess on the other hand at least people like this can enjoy themselves by spending time with their friends and family enjoying the simple life, which is usually looked over in the more urban areas of this country.  All I want to know if this could be categorized as some sort of animal torture?  You can clearly see that turkeys fly as well as rocks, because this little guy hits the ground hard after getting tossed out of a plane from a couple hundred feet in the air.

The most disturbing part isn’t the fact that this community is chucking turkeys out of planes, it’s the lady who wrangles the turkey after it crashes to the ground.  She starts behaving like an animal who hasn’t eaten in days.  I bet if someone tried to gank her catch she would have bitten them, or maybe sprayed her potential meal stealers with some urine.  Check out this unusual Thanksgiving tradition below.  You’ve been wondering if the lady ran into the nearest barn and started eating her catch alive…


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