Can You Name All of These Stormtrooper Helmet Variations?

Thanks to Star Wars Stormtroopers have become a staple in geek culture. Their helmets have a unique design that makes them easy to recognize while wading through seas of cosplayers at your favorite Con. True Star Wars fans can easily identify what kind of Imperial Trooper they’re looking at just based on their helmet variation, while some die hards may even be able to distinguish which movie the particular helmet was first seen in. For example, most people will recognize that the Imperial Scout trooper helmet first appeared in Return of The Jedi, or the red Imperial Shock trooper variation being from Revenge of The Sith.

In total there are now 20 variations of the Imperial Trooper helmets. This is thanks to the prequel era films and cartoons that have introduced many of the newer helmets that you’ll find spread throughout the ranks of Stormtroopers from that era. With different ranks and different times, it doesn’t make sense to have them all look the same, so the Empire should definitely get some credit for their design prowess. Someone over there was a regular Tim Gunn.

If you don’t know the names of the various trooper classes, don’t fret, simply head on down below and check out all of the Imperial Trooper helmet variations for yourself. If you get stuck you can click this link to find the answers, but do your best to use the Force and guess them all without being tempted by the Dark Side to cheat. May the Force be with you, always.




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