Surviving in Techland’s upcoming title, Dying Light, means constantly making the right decision. In a world where the dead walk the earth, constantly on the prowl for human flesh, making it through the day is no guarantee. As such, the latest Dying Light trailer allows viewers to prepare themselves for the kind of choices they will have to make constantly when the game is released.

The Dying Light interactive trailer is exactly what it sounds like. Viewers watch a sample mission play out, complete with divergent paths of which you are able to select from. Choosing between fight or flight, the high road or the low road and whether to stay or to go are just a few small examples of what to expect.

Of course, the interactive trailer gives viewers a handful of seconds to make their decision. When actually playing Dying Light, each and every decision and choice will have to be lightning fast, lest you become a feast for the undead.

If you survive the interactive trailer, then perhaps you are ready for Dying Light’s release on January 27, 2015 for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.


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