Candy Crush Saga Gets Crushed in its Honest Video Game Trailer

The latest game to get flambéed by the Smosh Games  YouTube channel is the toast of Facebook, and played by housewives across the globe, yes, I’m referring to King’s infamous Candy Crush Saga.

You know, the game that always shows up in your Facebook feed asking you to help your poor friends out who don’t want to pay real money to keep playing it. Yeah that one, the mega popular ripoff of Columns, Bejeweled, and a plethora of other puzzle games that released decades before King’s popular take on the formula.

For some reason this particular honest video game trailer feels like it should be the actual trailer used for the game. Maybe this is due to the fact that nearly everything the parody mentions is actually true, and not just comedic brilliance like the previously released honest video game trailers that spoof actual games. If the Candy Crush Saga phase really chapped your ass make sure to check out its honest trailer above for a bit of vindication, because everyone needs to know that King is the EA of casual video games.


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