Canine Comrades Rough it to Survive in ‘Russian Subway Dogs’

Come 2018, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita owners will be able to fight for their four-legged lives among the dangerous, crowded areas of the Moscow Metro in Russian Subway Dogs. Bottles of vodka fly through the air, bears catch fire, fish-wielding dog-slappers do what they do best—it’s pure chaos. But as a dog, you’ve got your sights set on one thing to help navigate you through this highly trafficked warzone: food.

Russian Subway Dogs looks simple in nature. Most noticeably? It sports some excellent pixel art, which reinforces the game’s arcade aesthetic right off the bat. By relying on the animation of its sprites to help keep the sidescrolling action entertaining, Russian Subway Dogs places you in some bizarre situations…like poisoning a poodle while dodging a flaming elk barreling down the terminal. In the eyes of a stray dog, the Moscow Metro is a surreal landscape full of opportunity. Whether you’re interested in working with the Proletaricat to complete challenges in the campaign or looking to the online leaderboards to compete with the world’s craftiest canines, Russian Subway Dogs has you covered.

If you’re fortunate enough to attend PSX this year, you can check out booth #13 for some time with developer Spooky Squid and a hands-on romp through the proverbial hay. For the rest of us? We’ll have to wait till next year, but there’s a lot of available information to dig through in the meantime.

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