Capcom’s Deep Down Playsation 4 Exclusive, Potential Assassin’s Creed, Dark Souls Hybrid


Originally unveiled at E3 this past June, Capcom’s Deep Down was a breathtaking sight for all to see. With it’s great visuals and fantasy characaters and environments, Deep Down instantly jumped up in the ranks of eagerly anticipated next-generation games.

A new Japanese trailer for Deep Down, released earlier todaysheds some insights into just what it going on in the game. As it turns out, Deep Down seems to have a lot more going for it than just your traditional fantasy dungeon exploration. The trailer, initially released for the SCEJ, revealed that not only will Deep Down be a Playstation 4 exclusive title, but also that the game will seemingly take a decidely Assassin’s Creed meets Dark Souls kind of vibe.

In the two minute trailer, viewers are treated to beautiful visuals, featuring both fantasy and futuristic locations. Voice overs play, sharing various lines of dialogue as gameplay footage of an armored man attempts to combat a dragon. During the trailer’s final seconds, the conceit is revielved, as a man utters the words that illustrate which direction Deep Down will go.

“Tell me,” he says “how is it you see memories? I really wish I could see what you see. Even just once.”

Interesting, to say the least, and certainly a departure from the seemingly straightforward fantasy romp players expected from Deep Down when the title was originally revealed. Certainly, a short Japanese trailer doesn’t mean that every little detail of the title has been revealed, but the premise of using memories to see into the past and fighting fantastic creatures is one that will sound vaguely familiar to players.

Assassin’s Creed allusions are sure to be rampant as the trailer gets spread around, as well as the aforementioned Dark Souls-esque vibe that the fantasy portions gave off. This is certainly an interesting combination, something that has serious potential as well.

Deep Down is set to launch on the Playstation 4, but at this time has no set release date. Check out the trailer below and start thinking up your own theories – don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section!

Deep Down (PS4) SCEJ Conferance 2013 HD:

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