Captain America Videogame May Not Suck – New Villains Trailer

It’s pretty much fact that most movie inspired games blow d*ck.  In fact, I’ve yet to ever play a great videogame based on a Summer Blockbuster.  They all seem like cheap imitations of real games that were only put out to hopefully score some of the super fan’s cash after seeing the movie.  I’m hoping that’s not the case with Captain America: Super Soldier, which will be released on 7/19/11 from SEGA.  I’ve seen two new videos about the game that may suggest it’s not going to be the turd we’re all expecting it to be.

The first one features the villains that will be found in the game and mainly showcases the cutscenes from Super Soldier, which look really crisp.  I’m no Captain America expert, but I feel like the in-game character model is a pretty damn good representation of the movie costume.  The villains look great as well even though I have no idea who they are besides that fact that they’re Germans.

The second video shows some actual gameplay, which looks like a cross between Batman: Arkham Asylum and the most recent Prince of Persia game.  I say Batman because it has that detective mode that allows the Cap to see various parts of the level that may lead him to the next area, or help him solve a puzzle.  I say PoP mainly because of the acrobatics Captain America uses to get around.

Overall, both videos show some promise, but we all know that a game’s success comes down to the actual gameplay.  If that aspect has been ignored by SEGA, then Captain America: Super Soldier will be as weak as his p*ssy as* before he got shot up with some super juice.  Check out the two videos below.  You’ve been thinking that this game has potential, but will probably be as nasty as a STD…

Villains Trailer


Super Soldier Gameplay Footage


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