Captain Marvel First Trailer Breakdown and Plot Speculations (SPOILERS)

The first trailer for Marvel’s Captain Marvel dropped earlier today, so naturally I watched it a bunch of times, took some stills, and then proceeded to record a speculation video on them. While I have no connection to the film, and am mostly pulling my plot speculations out of my ass, I do want to provide a SPOILER warning just in case I stumbled into an actual reveal by getting lucky with my analysis.

I break the trailer down below in a shot-by-shot manner while giving my analysis of what may be going on in each shot. I also infuse some of the dialogue queues from the trailer to try and put meaning to what we’re seeing in each scene as the characters provide a narration over them. I must say that while this film isn’t being billed as an origin story for Captain Marvel, I do believe we will still be treated to glimpses of how she became a super-powered human/kree hybrid warrior, who has been described as the strongest hero to-date in the MCU by Kevin Feige.

It also appears that we will be treated to the rise of Fury and Coulson, and how they become intertwined with SHIELD’s investigations into alien activity and the threats they’ll pose to the Earth. Basically, we’re going to find out why these two were key figures in getting the Avengers initiative off the ground, and why we see Fury with an outdated pager paging Captain Marvel at the end of Infinity War.

Enough with the words, just check out my Captain Marvel trailer breakdown, analysis, and plot speculations above!

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019.


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