Captain Marvel is now in theaters, and I guess these days that’s controversial, but if you truly are a MCU fan, I do believe you’ll enjoy it based on my own opinions after watching it. I wouldn’t call it the best MCU origin story to-date, but it’s a solid entry in the franchise, and definitely in my personal top tier list of MCU movies.

I am a sucker for the Cosmic side of Marvel, but I do believe it offers up some solid lore for the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while also providing some insights into why Fury called Carol back to Earth at the end of Infinity War. That’s all I could really ask for out of Captain Marvel.

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“Hey now fans of the MCU, Matt Heywood here to review Captain Marvel, or what I like to call the bringer of lore thanks to the nice little narrative additions it adds to the first three phases of the MCU.

I’m not going to fart around with the nonsense surrounding this film, if you want to skip it because you think it’s an attack on your manhood, good for you, but if you actually enjoy the MCU and the excellent world building that it offers, then Captain Marvel will entertain you quite nicely. 

What I appreciated the most about this movie is that it featured genuine twists, surprises, and awesome little lore nuggets that help to further flesh out the ever expanding MCU. I didn’t know much about the character going in, but I came out fully satisfied with how the movie version of her came to be, which is all I was really asking for with Captain Marvel. 

I wanted to learn why she was being described as the most powerful MCU hero to-date, and I got a perfect explanation as to why, which again checked a box of awesome for me. The film also showcased her full powers in action, which provided one of the, if not the most impressive displays of power by a single hero we’ve ever seen, so again I appreciated that this film established her badassness in preparation for her tide turning work in Endgame. 

Captain Marvel also does wonders for Nick Fury, and it provides a few answers as to why he is the way he is when we first meet him in Iron Man. Plus, his bond with Goose offers up some fantastic comedic moments, so the two make for a great duo on screen. 

Captain Marvel is without a doubt a solid MCU film. I wouldn’t call it one of the best, but it’s definitely in the franchise’s top to middle tier of films. The delivery of Carol’s backstory can get a bit wonky, but overall it’s a very fun and enjoyable flick to watch. 

Captain Marvel earns an 8.5 out of 10 review score from Team EB. If you’re a MCU die hard I don’t see how you can pass it up thanks to its lore additions, so I do recommend seeing it in theaters before Endgame drops next month. 

Thanks for watching, I’m Matt Heywood signing off for, where we make you a better geek, one post at a time.”

Review Summary

Story - 8.5
Cinematography - 9
Sound - 9.5
Acting - 7.5
Entertainment Value - 8



Captain Marvel is a fun entry in the MCU that adds some key lore to the first three phases of the MCU, while also providing our first look at one of the most badass heroes Earth has to offer.

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