Captain Marvel Super Bowl Trailer Breakdown and Plot Speculations

Soon after Marvel and Disney dropped $5 million on a trailer for Avengers: Endgame, the media giants dropped another cool $5 million on a spot for Captain Marvel, which is just over a mont away from hitting theaters in the United States.

While the Super Bowl spot for Captain Marvel wasn’t as packed with new content as the trailer for Endgame was, it still offered a few new looks that helped to form the plot a bit in my mind. So, naturally, I took to YouTube to break the trailer down, and speculate on any potential plot points that it may have shed new light on.

In particular, the new spot focused on Carol’s dog fight, which has been teased in other trailers, but this time I believe it clearly shows that she is battling a Kree ship, and not a Skrull one like I first guessed. There were a few interesting shots other than those, so head on up above to check out the trailer breakdown video.

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