Captain Marvel Trailer 2 Breakdown and Plot Speculation Synopsis

The second official Captain Marvel trailer dropped this week on Monday, and it was packed full of new shots to pour over, as well as information about the plot. If you have’t seen it yet, make sure to watch it, because millions already have and you owe it to yourself to do so. We also grabbed 60 stills from it, which you can check out in our Captain Marvel stills gallery.

Anyway, hopefully you’re hear to check out our breakdown and analysis of the trailer, which is also full of plot speculations based on the new footage and dialogue in the trailer. You can check it out above.

Plot Speculation Synopsis 

Potential SPOILERS in case my theories are correct!

I really think that this trailer has setup a narrative in which Carol Danvers somehow was attacked by an alien ship on Earth as a human in the Air Force. After her ship goes down she gets blasted by some sort of alien blue wave — probably from the downed Kree ship — and it starts to turn her Kree, but it also has rocked her mind causing her to forget her past. She’s first found by the Skrulls, probably Talos, and then she’s found by the Kree. They take her to their home world, enhance her even further, name her Vers because that’s all of her name that was left on her uniform patch, and then train her as a member of Star Force.

From here Star Force is more than likely patrolling the galaxy for Skrulls, and one of these patrols gets Vers (Captain Marvel’s Kree name) marooned on Earth as she crash lands into Blockbuster. On Earth she continues her hunt for the Skrulls and fights one on a subway. This gets her noticed by SHIELD and Nick Fury, who confronts her.

The two then go on their own journey of discover, more than likely due to Vers’ memories coming back after returning to Earth. They go to some sort of secret SHIELD or government facility to find more information on her past and aliens. They definitely find some information that sparks her memories, and she starts to realize the Kree may have really screwed with her. At this time Talos, the Skrull leader, also fills Vers in on her secretive past and how she’s being used, which only reinforces her belief that the Kree have screwed her over. She will eventually confront Star Commander (Jude Law), who will end up being the main villain. At this point she will become Captain Marvel, don the classic costume, and begin fighting back both the Skrulls and Kree from Earth.

She will succeed, but the final battle may result in her having to leave Earth, or possibly the current timeline, because we know she’s absent in the MCU up until Avengers 4, so something happens to make her go away and not return as multiple alien invasions take place over the course of two decades on Earth. Clearly Fury’s page to her is for emergency’s only, so I hope we get some backstory on the pager and why they had them.


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