Craving a really good and well thought out platforming game? Look no further because we have found 88 Heroes. 88 Heroes takes almost every trope of a platformer and rolls it into one excellent platforming burrito.

The concept is unique in itself. You play as 88 of the worlds most pointless superheroes trying to take down the evil Dr. H8. You have 88 minutes to fight through 88 different levels with your 88 different heroes, and the clock is constantly ticking as you fight to complete all 88 levels. The game’s soundtrack is awesome, too, with some 80s chip tune inspiration, and the graphics are great.

Dr. H8 has a plan to destroy the world and you are having no part of that. When you first enter you are randomly assigned a hero out of 88 completely unique heroes. I got to go through each hero before losing, and I will admit each one does something different than the last. Whether you’re playing as a flying robot cat that can fly freely throughout the level or the snake hero that literally plays as if you were playing the classic game snake, there is never a dull moment.

Each level is filled with enemies set out to stop you. After every set of levels you complete, you are put up against a boss. Succeed in finishing this and you continue on with your life. Yes, it is possible to run through your entire set of heroes on a single boss fight, so be careful. For an added challenge there is a Magnificent 8 mode where you get to pick your eight best heroes and guide them through all 88 levels. It’s super difficult. Enemies even started to vary as you make your way to higher stages. They get different abilities and become sub sequentially harder than the last set of levels.

During each level, you are playing through what looks like a giant TV screen that Dr. H8 is using to watch you. This is funny due in part to getting to watch all of the shenanigans that go on in his home base. Whether he’s going to the bathroom or destroying his helper bots, Dr. H8 makes sure there is never a dull moment. Oh yeah, when your hero dies, you restart the current level and lose the hero forever…unless, of course, you collect a certain number of coins. I’ve noticed that only the big coins revive heroes, but I wasn’t able to keep track as to how many it took. Every so often you get a random choice between three of your fallen heroes to add back to the rotation, so choose wisely.

I did notice a tiny bit of input lag, but nothing substantial enough to take a way from the game itself. 88 Heroes will release sometime in March, with a physical exclusive launch on the PlayStation 4 that comes with eight new levels and two exclusive characters (wouldn’t that make it 90 Heroes?). Also, expect more heroes through DLC!

88 Heroes is loads of fun and has plenty to offer. Whether it’s the 88 different and unique heroes to play or the witty charm of Dr. H8, this game is a sleeper hit. I love platforming, and this game just added a whole other level to the genre. This game will be available on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I love 88 Heroes and can’t wait to grab the physical release on my PS4. You should too!


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Preview statement: A copy of the game was supplied by the developer for the sake of this preview.


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