Cartoon Network Soon to Offer Thundercats Reboot & Green Lantern Series

Cartoon Network may soon become my favorite channel to set the DVR to with new series like the Thundercats (Friday 7/29 8PM EST) and Green Lantern (Later this Fall) arriving in their lineup this year.  I’m not ashamed to say that I still watch cartoons as a 30 year-old male either.  Geeks never age at heart, nor in mind, so no I don’t feel bad for still appreciating cartoons geared to those trained in the geek arts.  So what if the only people I can discuss my prime time shows with are 8 years old, because it’s the content that counts.

As mentioned earlier Cartoon Network will be kicking off a new Thundercats series, which debuts this Friday night (7/29) at 8PM EST.  I definitely plan on checking this reboot out, because I still have fond memories of watching Lion-O and the Thundercats doing battle with that mummy dude from back when it was socially acceptable for me to watch cartoons.  From what I’ve seen the new Thundercats may definitely have a permanent home on my DVR lineup.  You can check out the trailer below to see if it fits your fancy as well.  I’m at least going to give it a look for nostalgia sake.

Cartoon Network Thundercats 2011 Trailer


The Thundercat reboot looks pretty awesome, but I’m definitely more pumped up for the Green Lantern Animated Series, which will be finding a home on Cartoon Network’s Fall lineup.  I don’t know what it is about the Lantern Universe, but ever since I heard about the live-action movie I’ve really started to dig into the franchise.  I can honestly say that the Green Lantern is one of my favorite comic book characters of all-time now, so I’m hoping to get my fix for the green with this upcoming animated series.  It looks to mesh CGI with animation for that futuristic feel, so I hope the actual content kicks a*s as well.  You can check out a 6 minute clip of the animated Green Lantern series here, and I have a smaller clip embedded below.

Green Lantern Animated Series on Cartoon Network


With shows like these coming to an already strong lineup of toons on the CN the channel is surely going to become a mainstay on most geek’s cable boxes.  Cartoon Network already offers great programming in The Clone Wars, Young Justice, and the recent Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace, so the addition of the Thundercats and Green Lantern can only help to bolster their strong helping of geeky programming over the next year or so.  These shows coupled with the upcoming Marvel Anime shows on G4TV could be the best thing to happen to comic book/Star Wars/Animation fans in their entire lives.  Don’t miss out!  Set your DVR’s to stun, I mean record.  You’ve been giving something to occupy your mind for a few hours each week…

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