Catch a Glimpse of Some Old School Star Wars Deleted Scenes

The Blu-ray version of one of the greatest sci-fi franchise of all-time is just around the corner, and to promote it Lucasfim gave Star Wars fans a sneak peek at some of the deleted scenes from the Original Trilogy (more like the only trilogy).  It’s just a 1 minute tease, but there’s all kinds of fanboy chubby popping goodness packed into those 60 seconds.  Hell, even the animatic for Star Wars on Blu-ray is pretty f*cking dope, but the real gems are contained in the actual deleted scenes.

The one clip that really stood out for me was a scene featuring Admiral “It’s a mutha f*ckin trap!” Ackbar in what seems to be a fighter cockpit.  I’m guessing at one point George wanted to have Ack man a fighter of some sort, but obviously that was canned so he could say his infamous lines aboard his Mon Calamari Cruiser (yes all of these terms come straight from memory star wars has been imprinted on my mind).

The Original Gangster

There were two other clips that made me go “hmmm”, with the first clip showing what seemed to be a Hoth Wampa attacking Echo Base, and the second showed Jedi Luke flipping a skin door over on his broke-a*s hand.  All I can say is that I’m finally getting interested in the Star Wars Blu-ray boxed set.  If there are more features like this packed into that bundle I’ll have an easier time accepting that fact that those “other” three Star Wars films will be packaged with the classics.  You’ve just realized that you’ve already purchased all of the Star Wars times at least 4 times, and on multiple mediums…

Preview of Deleted Scenes From the Star Wars Blu-ray Boxed Set

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