With a prompt halt to the awful wordplay jokes, we at Entertainment Buddha would like to help the CA7CH Lightbox crew get the final push they need to reach that $250,000 goal. As it currently stands, the CA7CH Lightbox is sitting pretty at $239,710, but there’s not much time left to hit the main goal. In less than 20 hours the campaign will end and Catch Motion Inc will be taking the money from backers everywhere who have helped to make the project a reality. To see more on the CA7CH Lightbox, check out our reveal post or the project’s Kickstarter page. This is definitely a gadget worth investing in.

In a recent email sent to backers of the project, the developers seem to have listened to what the community wants, and have implemented and changed a large amount of features for the pleasure of others. The features added are listed in brief below.

  • A lanyard to secure the camera, many app and cloud features including backend integration to Google Drive, DropBox and other cloud storage services, improved time lapse functionality and more.
  • Adding storage to the camera is cool. While your Smart Phone works to extend the Lightbox storage in real time, more is always better! We are working on a solution without pushing delivery dates. We know that many of you want certainty but on this one we do not have confirmation yet. If it works out, all backers will receive an upgraded memory package for FREE! No promises made just yet but we are pushing hard to make that happen even if the Stretch Goal will not be met.
  • Angle of view has been increased from 70deg to now 80deg.
  • The Lightbox extended battery pack was our stretch goal @ $500,000. While it looks like we will not hit that goal, we decided to build a battery pack NOW. Kickstarter Backers will be able to pre-order the battery pack on as soon as this campaign is over. As a token of our gratitude, the pack – list-priced at $59, will be available to all backers at a 50% discount. That’s $29 in cost and we will bundle your Lightbox and the battery pack to save you shipment cost. Coupon Code will be sent to you via email with further instructions.


As you can see, the team clearly has high hopes for the CA7CH Lightbox, so if you want to back the project, hit this link.


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