Catch Up on the Happenings in Prototype 2 with New Gamescon Trailer

A “story so far” trailer has debuted for Prototype 2 at Gamescon that highlights the major plot points from the first game, and what to expect in the sequel.  Prototype is a franchise that I’ve been on the fence about since the first one, because I played it after the original inFamous and wasn’t blown away by it.  In fact, I went all sloth on it and didn’t even finish the campaign.  Now that I’m seeing more and more footage for Prototype 2 I may begin to heed the taunts of my gaming pal Hank the Gank and give this franchise another chance.

This Hank character is a borderline Prototype fanboy who vehemently defends his superhero open-world franchise of choice over my claim that inFamous is the better option, so I think I’ll have to give Prototype 2 a shot to see if his sh*t talking is legit.  If anything this game is looking good to say the least, and now that the whole story has been explained in the trailer below the whole Prototype Universe makes more sense to me now.  You win this battle Mr. Gank, Prototype 2 is officially going on my “Games to Watch” list.  How about the rest of you cave dwellers; inFamous or Prototype?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.  You’ve been given some homework…

Prototype 2 Gamescon Trailer


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