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Fan Envisions What a Proper MCU Fantastic Four Film Would Look Like With a Mashup Trailer

The Smasher YouTube channel has released a trailer for a mythical Fantastic Four film set in the proper MCU universe. For those not in the know, that means that the movie would be handled by Kevin Feige, the guy who has crafted Marvel’s impressive run of live-action films starting with Iron Man. So it’s basically a fan’s vision of what a Fantastic Four film would look like if it wasn’t handled by assholes who have no clue how to properly tell a comic book movie story.

In this version of a Fantastic Four film, the cast is made up of John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic, Emily Blunt as the Invisible Girl, David Harbour as the Thing, and Ansel Elgort as the Human Torch. The trailer is made up of various clips from projects these actors star in, and it actually does work pretty well as a Fantastic Four film teaser.

I’m always down for a legit MCU produced Marvel movie, so if this ever becomes a reality someday, I’d be all over it. I wouldn’t say the Fantastic Four are characters I care much about, but the more the merrier when it comes to the magic Feige can produce.


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This Fan Made IT: Chapter 2 Teaser Works Pretty Well

The Smasher YouTube channel has released a new mashup trailer in an effort to create a fan made look at IT: Chapter 2. The trailer uses footage from the first IT film, as well as clips from movies starring the cast, which will feature grown up versions of the Losers Club from the original movie.

The edit works quite well in tying the original to the upcoming sequel, which will be set 27 years in the future. Basically, the adult versions of the Losers Club return home after getting a call from Mike that Pennywise may have returned. They too return home to try and vanquish the evil clown once and for all.

If anything else, this fan trailer for IT: Chapter 2 works well enough to give you brain some imagery to chew on while we wait for the actual teaser.

IT: Chapter 2 is set for a September 6, 2019 release.


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BossLogic Creates Another Badass Piece of Avengers 4 Fan Art

Bosslogic, the supremely talented Photoshop geek artist, has crafted another gem for Avengers 4. We’ve shared a few of his other pieces of fan art, such as the showdown between Captain Marvel and Thanos, as well as his takes on the film’s title, which he thinks should be Avenge Us.

Today’s piece is no different than the others in terms of its awesomeness. It once again features Captain Marvel, but there’s another iconic Captain from the MCU in it as well. Although, he isn’t looking too well as the shot features Captain Marvel holding onto a limp Captain America body. I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if he dies in Avengers 4 anyway, and I’m not saying that is what this piece of art is teasing, but at this point we’ve all been led to believe that Captain Marvel will be the strongest superhero featured to-date. If anything else I do think she’ll be the one who ultimately saves everyone’s asses, which is why I think this piece of fan art is so spot on.

If you want to check out the full version or download it for yourself, you can do so by clicking on the Twitter embed below.

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