CBS Comedy ‘Mad Love’ Has Potential to be Mad Funny

How’s that for a title?  The word “mad” as an adjective is so 1990’s, but it works for all intent and purposes within this post, because CBS is set to launch ‘Mad Love’ starring Jason Biggs, Sarah Chalke, Tyler Labine, and Judy Greer this Monday, February 14.  From what I’ve seen this sitcom has potential to find a permanent spot within CBS’s evening lineup.  I would compare it to a “How I Met Your Mother” sitcom, because it’s about late 20-30 somethings dealing with relationships formed amongst friends, and all the wacky sh*t that can spawn from them.  I too am in this period of life, so I can relate to sitcoms like “Mad Love”.  It’s a strange time to live through because you’re making that leap from your irresponsible 20’s to your 30’s where you’re supposed to be some sort of responsible human.  Shows like “Mad Love” do a great job of shining a light on the awkwardness of growing old.

With a cast that features Biggs and Chalke I have faith that laughs will ensue.  Jason Biggs has been cracking people up since his days as the pie f*cker, and he plays a great “every man” in all of his projects.  He’s got that quirky comedic sense and geekiness about him that make him very relatable to most males.  Well at least white males.  Sarah Chalke fine tuned her comedy skills with her time spent on one of the best sitcoms of all-time in “Scrubs”.  She can play the ditsy blond to perfection, or the hot girl that makes men drool at her presence (SOOO Hot!).  In “Mad Love” she seems to be taking on more of the “Sexy” girl role rather than her goofy Elliot character from “Scrubs”, but  I have no doubt that she’ll also be able to flex her comedy chops when the “Mad Love” writers require her to do so.

As I mentioned earlier the other half of the “Mad Love” equation will feature Judy Greer and Tyler Labine.  These two are going to be playing the fighters to Biggs’ and Chalke’s lovers.  Judy Greer is accomplished in the sitcom genre as well as feature length RomComs.  She has had spots on almost any CBS sitcom that you will see these days, and who doesn’t love a red head?  I loved her guest spot on “How I Met Your Mother”, which showcased her comedic timing, and I thought she was excellent in “The Village”  It looks like her and Tyler Labine will be providing the bulk of the comedy in “Mad Love” when he and Biggs aren’t on screen together.  Labine is probably the least known of this cast, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t funny.  He plays a great chubby funny guy, which is almost required in today’s sitcoms.  The most vivid memory I have of his past work was with the ill-fated “Invasion”, which ended all too abrubtly, but he brought some smiles to an otherwise dramatic show.  Everyone loves a funny fat guy right, especially when he has a hot red head to spar with?

Make sure to tune in Monday night (2/14) at 8:30 EST to catch the pilot for “Mad Love”.  If you like sitcoms that deal with those awkward moments of growing older in life, then this is the show for you.  Jason Biggs and Sarah Chalke will provide the main premise for the show with their inevitable story of love, while Judy Greer and Tyler Labine keep the jokes a coming.  I’m going to say that the relationship between her character and his will probably be the most entertaining to watch, because they don’t really start things off on the right foot.  You’ll see what I mean. If you need anymore convincing to give this show a shot check out a preview below.  I’m giving it the Entertainment Buddha stamp of approval!  You’ve been looking for a new half-hour sitcom to add to your DVR.

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