CD Projekt RED Is Hosting a Mysterious Data Transmission Stream for Cyberpunk 2077

UPDATE – The stream is now showing the closed door demo for Cyberpunk 2077 that was shown off at E3 and Gamescom!

It appears that CD Projekt RED is pulling some sort of PR stunt for Cyberpunk 2077 on its official Twitch page, because for the past few hours its been broadcasting a “Data Transmission Screen” to thousands of interested viewers. The stream currently has over 52K viewers, and the comment window is so active that it’s hard to read each new message.

All they’re watching are random strings of characters that resemble computer code transmitting on a black screen. It’s not clear if there are hidden messages in the code, or what the stream of data even means for the game, but clearly it’s working as a viral promotion. The use of code makes sense considering how the game focuses on a world full of characters and technology that can be hacked for nefarious purposes, but it’s still not clear what the stunt is for. It could be for an upcoming announcement, such as a firm release date, or possibly a demo, or just a new trailer, but now it’s impossible to know what CD’s plans for this broadcast truly are.

I would like to see it keep going until the game comes out just to see how many people will stay tuned into it, but based on what I saw on the game at E3, I also wouldn’t mind it leading to a new round of information and assets from the game. Anyway, if you feel like joining in on the mysterious stream, you can do so below.

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