Celebrate the DC Reboot with this Parody Video

Today is the official day of the DC Comics reboot where every character in its stable is being knocked back down to issue # 1.  Some fanboys are up in arms over this decision, but I kind of see why DC decided to start things over.  They’re basically giving comic book n00bs like myself a chance to pick up one of their series from the beginning rather than coming in mid-run and not knowing what the f*ck is going on.  In fact, I’m going to download Justice League #1 later today to kick-off my first ever foray into comic book reading.  I know traditional comic book fans will call me a wanker for downloading them to my iPad 2 versus buying the print editions, but I’m all about convenience, so the digital forms will be my medium of choice.

For those of you that may take your fandom to the next level I found a video that’ll make you chuckle.  In the DC reboot parody below you’ll get to hear a short conversation that more or less sums up every comic book forum’s b*tching trolls arguments for why they don’t agree with DC’s decision.  It’s pretty awesome, especially the J-Date reference at the end.  Check it out below, and if you’re up to it let us know your thoughts on the reboot.  Are you getting behind it and buying your copy of Justice League #1, or are you forever leaving the DC stable of superheroes and villains behind?  You’ve been given something to stew on that 99% of this world could give two sh*ts about…

DC Reboot Parody


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