Central Ohio School Uses Poor Taste in Social Studies Lesson About Slavery

Nikko Burton is a 10 year old kid that was made to play the part of a slave in his 5th grade history lesson about America’s shameful past.  I guess his teacher divided the class into “Slaves” and “Masters”, making the “Masters” group inspect the “Slaves” groups like they were farm animals.  Nikko happens to be a black child and he was cast as one of the slaves, so you can imagine how this exercise made him feel!  In fact, Nikko reported to the local CBS affiliate WBNS, that the other kids would “look in your mouth and feel your legs and stuff and see if you’re strong.”   This teacher more of less re-created a slave auction in the classroom!

Seriously?  What teacher in their right mind would come up with such a lesson?  I’m not so sure that’s the right way to relate to kids what happened in our country during the times when slavery was legal in our society.  If anything it shows how ignorant people still are when it comes to race.  Unfortunately for Nikko he was exposed to it in a place of learning where you’d think stuff like that doesn’t go on.  I mean the poor kid is bound to face it in his life at some point in time, because we as a nation will never completely move past the fact that we used people as animals to fuel our economy, so why should he have to also face it in elementary school?

Luckily the schools Principal has since pulled the lesson, because it has been used many times, which in itself is disturbing considering no one before Nikko complained about it.  It’s stories like this that remind us of how f*cked up our Country’s past really is, as well as pointing out the fact that racism is still alive in well in a more accepting 21st century culture.  Way to go Ohio!  You can’t believe that someone thought this history lesson was a good idea…


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