Chalk Warfare 3.0 Brings Creativity Back to VFX Gaming Shorts

Video game references galore

The SoKrispyMedia YouTube channel has released the third entry in its Chalk Warfare series of high-end VFX videos, and it’s easily the most creative and well done YouTube video I’ve seen in 2014. Once again the talented 17-year-olds Sam Wickert and Eric Leigh have managed to create an awe inspiring short that incorporates a plethora of video game references into an epic gamer-centric video that both mesmerizes with its technical prowess, while also entertaining with its action and humor.

In Chalk Warfare 3.0 you’ll see the gang create a portal gun, a COD drone, an Elite energy sword from Halo, and even Iron Man himself, all from using street chalk and VFX wizardry. The special effects are amazing considering the young age and limited resources that Sam and Eric had to work with. It’s great to know that work like this is still being done on YouTube, because it’s been quite sometime since the last video game infused VFX short has managed to wow audiences.

If you like what you see above make sure to check out the first and second episodes in the Chalk Warfare saga to see where this brilliant video came from.


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