Check Out 55 Minutes of Uncut Vampyr Gameplay

Last week DONTNOD Entertainment did a developer livestream for Vampyr to show off some uncut gameplay to fans. In total, 55-minutes of gameplay was recorded, and it’s now available to watch. The action takes place about six hour into the story, and shows off the level of player choice that will be available when it comes to how you treat the citizens you’ll interact with. You can check out the gameplay below.

Watch Vampyr – Dev Session – Thursday May 17th 5PM CEST from FocusHomeInteractive on
The devs will do another stream on June 4th, which is just one day before the game launches for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 5th.

About the Gameplay

This gameplay, taken from around six hours into the story, shows off several of the deep systems that make up Vampyr’s citizen and district ecosystems. Players are free to kill (or spare) any and all of London’s citizens, using their blood to evolve deadly new powers. Protagonist Jonathan Reid is also a doctor, and can therefore choose to heal these same inhabitants by conducting examinations and crafting specific medicines. Curing illnesses improves the quality of life for each citizen and the district as a whole – but for players that only care about growing stronger, it also means their blood offers a larger, tastier boost in power!


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