Check Out 60 Stills From the Second Captain Marvel Trailer

The second official Captain Marvel trailer dropped last night during Monday Night Football, and it offered up a much deeper look at the film’s lead character than the first.

It really setup her origin, and how the Kree may have hid her true past from her. It is a great second trailer, and definitely got me more excited to find out more about the mystical Captain Marvel. If anything else, the end of the trailer showed off just how badass she can be when her powers are at full force, so I can’t wait to see more, and I really can’t wait to see her square off with Thanos in Avenger 4.

I went ahead and screen capped 60 stills from the trailer to capture the new scenes from the trailer. I hope to do a break down and analysis with them sometime tomorrow, but for now you can soak in the Captain Marvel stills goodness below.


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